I am back to Mangalore today. People in Mumbai are fond of asking about the home town or as the question goes “Where are you originally from?”.

Now I realised I never wrote about the place i know so well. Next post will have some good insights about this place.

Here is a glimpse:

New year travel resolution!!

I am not a big fan of resolutions. Lets face it, I have never been able to keep one. Every year I plan 10 different travels. Last year I had planned lot of different places and ended up going to altogether different places I did not imagine I would ever visit.

This year I hope to make one of those scribbled plan come true. I am eager to see what 2018 has in store for me.

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New year travel resolution!!

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For the foodies of Powai!!

2 new food joints opened up recently in Hiranandani Ganrdens Powai- Sandoitchi and 99pancakes 

Sandoitchi – Started up by 2 young people has a young vibe to it. They bake their own bread and  have added a new twist to traditional indian food. Ambience is amazing and they have brought a dead mall alive with this place. I was surprised to see healthy food in a fast food joint.

Must try : Dough balls and make ur own sandwiches.

99pancakes: Besides waffle tree and Kaventers, these guys have set up a new waffle place that is good to hangout. This place has limited seating and is good for a quick bite specially for people with a sweet tooth.

Must try: Mini pancakes with 3 types of chocolate.

Shirdi in a day from Mumbai!

We started with an overnight journey to Shirdi at 11pm from Kanjurmarg. We reached the place by 6:30am and got into a booked hotel for a quick bath. 

Heading towards the temple in the morning – we found out that there were 2 types of pass – free one and paid one. The paid one costs 200 and handicapped can have an escort on the same pass. 

Time spent standing in the queue entirely depends on the crowd. It might take from 10 mins to 5 hours. We went on a weekend but got into the inner sanctum in 15 mins with VIP pass. By 10:30am we left for Shani Shingnapur. Private cab costed us Rs 1600. Shared cabs cost around Rs 100-150 per person. It took us 2 hours to complete a journey of approximately 90 Kms. There were multiple sugarecane carrying trucks, that created traffic on th road. 

Once we reached the temple, we saw a huge temple under construction. There was hardly any queue and we reached the inner sanctum in 10 mins. Nobody was allowed to touch the idol. Oil or any offerrings you carry inside need to be put into seperate boxes that then get carried to the idol with help of motor and pipes. 

We left early and had our lunch in Shirdi right before boarding the bus back to Mumbai at 3:30pm.


1. Buses can be booked from https://redbus.in

2. It is better to book a hotel near the temple as you will only use it for a bath.

10 Things the happens when you travel a lot everyday for work

1. You have travel friends.

This is special category of friends and becomes your source of information most of the time.

2. You know public transport timings more than any website or application.

When to leave from office or from home depends on this time, you have got to remember the timings and traffic hours.

3. Your network is so strong that any delay in travel can be anticipated before journey commences.

You know you all have those chat or whatsapp groups.

4. You start smiling at random strangers.

It starts with awkward smile at first, as u see them everyday you cannot avoid them.

5. If you miss your scheduled travel, it messes up your schedule for entire day.

And not to mention you are thinking about excuse your entire journey.

6. You plan things to do while travelling when u are planning your day.

Might as well utilize this time of the day, right?
7. You are constantly tired.

Pushing yourself into the rush, finding a seat and then the heat is physically exhausting.

8. You hate travelling at other times

You are so use to travelling, it is not fun anymore.

9. You envy people who stay close.

When you see someone who stays close by and walks into the office looking same as they left home you are a little jealous.

10. You start enjoying the travel time when you accept that this is part of life.

It is not that bad after all.